Let's Develop

Your next Chapter...

Playing Together

What will the next chapter of your life hold for you ?




We create retreats for women in transition. Women who want to break out of their routine, to explore new spaces, to play games, discover symbols, awake the divine feminine energy,  arouse clarity on the values ​​and content we perform in our next chapter and re-initate our bright natural joyful creative inner energy

Penelope, Athena, Demeter, Juliet, The mistress of the Inn, Alice in wonderland, The Empress…

How many characters we met at least once in life...

 At theater, in fairy tales, in tarots, in mythology ...


Which of them still move us?


Modern, curious, bold women. Women with fine intelligence. Mothers, queens, daughters, lovers.


What character do you want to play in the next chapter?

Do you wish to stand within symbols that support you to reach your destination?

Do you wish to play with goddess that witness

your metamorphosis?

Do you wish to bridge yourself in your next chapter and re-initate your bright inner energy?

Create with us the alchemical circumstances

Join a Revolutionary Experience

Let’s create together what we wish,

out of what we have and who we are now


Retreat  of Improvisation and Creation

We are much more than what we are used to think and perform, perhaps more fascinating, more reckless, ...


We are woman of different ages, all in various stages of our lives.


The thing we have in common is that we are all in transition.



Instruments from theater, Improvisations, games, tarots and mythology will allow us to get out of our daily roles and patterns and play to walk with other women’s shoes.


Together we will find out that many of them are already, in part, within us.


There are new perspectives, new performances and new gardens to be discovered and enlightened together.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


Who is the retreat for ?

We have reached a group of women with whom we would like to spend the weekend together.

All of the participants are women from a broad range of fields.

We are woman of different ages, all in various stages of our lives.

The thing we have in common is that we are all in transition.

We all share the desire to take ownership of the next chapter of our lives, to visualize our next steps, identify our intentions and integrating conscious and unconscious by playing together put them in action.


Will be only improvisation? We blend practices and games from many disciplines and experiences. Reflecting, playing, writing, visualizing, moving and improvising are all part of the tool-kit. We use unconventional activities to get out of the patterns of past roles and rules.


Do I need to have a background in improvisation? The great news is that whether or not you have improv training, you have been improvising your entire life! Life is not scripted! We pride ourselves in meeting you exactly where you are, and you are in the right place.


Will I get tangible results? You will leave re-energized and ready for what comes next.

You will have identified your intentions for your next chapter and you will have developed and experienced skills and practice for increased resiliance.

The unconventional Life-Changing Journey will lead you to explore, to play, to awake, to re-initiate our inner energy.


What if I haven’t worked with any of you yet? We look forward to building a connection. We have reputation and experience for creating a confortably challanging enviroment for all participants. 


Will it feel confortable: Yes, it will.

we will be surrounded by empowering nature and freshest air imaginable.

The selected hotel is stylish. 


Will there be a world-class chef preparing our meals? Yes. All meals are included and finely prepared.