About me and Alchemical Theater

Claudita Fanni Fertino

Improv Theater Facilitator, life coach, and healer.

Born in Turin, Italy, a town with an incredible esoteric tradition. I lived in France, England and India and then I moved to Greece.  I land and based myself in the Island of Skopelos.

I combine my Italian passion with honest curiosity for ancestral traditions and human creativity exploring the world and community from Cutzo in Peru to Auroville in India and more...

I was introduced to the power of performance very young and become passionate about theater and body improvisation with Isaac Alvarez according to the French school of Jacque LeCoque; While exploring myself playing and learning Flamenco, Tango, Yoga, Aikido, Shiatzu...The theater was always with me. 

I trained theatre with a gestalt approach at the Istituto Teatrale Europeo in Rome and incorporate into my work techniques from Augusto Boal method “the Theater of the Oppressed”. I performed with Jordi Folcadas of the Pa'tothom school in Barcelona, with Uri Noy Meir in Dragon Dreaming (DRDD) and with Hector Aristizabal of the Imaginaction organization in Los Angeles.

Thanks to that I get involved with the East Side Institute in New York where I completed the International Class in Social Therapy, a radically humanistic approach to human development that refers to people of all ages and life circumstances as social actors and creators of their lives.

I am performing a personal feminine “Odyssey” and I blend and offer the ELISIR leading retreats, workshops and online webinar using creative tools also from the School of Lost Borders and the power of performance to support groups and individuals to develop, especially Women!

Using theatrical tools and improvisation, games, and ritual to foster human development, the revelation of talent and creation of meaning, I create a safe environment for people to challenge themselves in a way that is unconventional, irrational and creative and that moves them closer to their goals. It will surprise You !

I am now Associated of the East Side Institute of New York


I continue developing myself through the program "Developing across the border", creating the condition for a theatrical live performance about Mary Magdalene for  "Performing the world 2020" event in New York: "J.Junior and Madgy".

Playing together We get thought superficial and more veiled obstacles and We moves ourselves further the present metaphorical and emotional “Columns of Hercules, we grow. A little for fun, a little for magic.

Je suis un passeur”

 ... Alchemical Theater Experiencing ...

I can't say how the "Click" occurred in me, it is certain that it happened! During the days of retreat I felt "at home" away from home, a feeling that I felt not for a long time, something allowed me to get rid of that fear that makes no sense but some time is there. well, in those days fear has disappeared and after, well thanks to the retreat I entered the “flow” and I was able to say yes to new situations that have catapulted me in contact with people never known to share projects and emotions. I am no longer the woman who entered that room with the rug covered with unconventional objects, asking herself ... but what am I doing here? ... Thanks! MONICA Italy

The Retreat gave me momentum! Almost immediately I felt a greater strength in myself "in expressing myself" in communicating contents in which I believe. It provided me an emotional breakthrough that I needed. I returned to my “center” enriched with every moments of the course. Moments that brought new information to the myself I "known". It was a surprise! was magic! "ESTER Italy

I will forever rememberign sitting togheter in the see side, hiding from the stinking heat, when she made an acconcement... I laughter so hard! And also at that moment I saw your deep wisdom, your ability to see things in a way others can't, won't, don't. She see with so much clarity and support people." Nicola P. New Zeland

"I felt that something was changing as if something had been freed from the depths. I felt that joining the differences created something special in me that I don't know how to describe but that I know has happened." LAURA Italy

"I wrote a journal during our reteat and used the word "magical" to descibe Claudita. An other word that i used several time in realtion to her is "truth". That can be a tricky word when applied to dogma, orthodoxy, politics etc. but she is a seer of thuth and she share the truth, which is a powerful role. She is able to pull people towards the cosmos. Playing with her had a significant effect on me - one that is hope-giving, life-giving and encouraging" Jared F. Canada, 

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