About me

Claudita Fanni Fertino

Storyteller, performer and urban alchimist.

Passionate about the alchemical power of her hometown, the magical Turin, in Italy, she combines this passion with honest curiosity for ancestral traditions and human creativity exploring the world and community from Cutzo in Peru to Auroville in India and more...

“Whether we are eating new cuisines, hearing a different language, a new story and strolling the streets of an unfamiliar place, we are educating ourself, creating ourself."  ClaudiTa knows this first hand. 

She has had the opportunity to learn and grow from others and their way of life building a career in hotellerie and food and beverage industry abroad.

Aware that she has been welcoming and supporting people with food and a comfortable shelter when they were"far from home", Theater is the tool she embraced to express her talent in welcoming and supporting people in a "theater community" a safe space,  where exploring and creating  a "new emotional balance"

Playing together, we bridge ourself out and further from the emotional discomfort zone.

We experience new patterns, new roles and we embody the collective process of developmental and transformative change”.

Claudita began acting in the company of Isaac Alvarez, the gestural theater, an evolution born from the studies at the school of Jacque Lecoq in Paris, blended with elements of the Italian Commedia dell'Arte, the “Improvvisa”.

She studied a gestalt approach to theater at the European Theater Institute in Rome.

She uses theatrical improvisation to foster human development, revelation of talent and creation of meaning; the most salient influences of her work come from the social theater of Augusto Boal.

She performed with Jordi Folcadas of the Pa'tothom school in Barcelona and with Hector Aristizabal of the Imaginaction organization in Los Angeles.

She also completed the International Class in Social Therapy - a radically humanistic approach to human development that refers to people of all ages and life circumstances as social actors and creators of their lives - at the East Side Institute in New York with the tutoring of Lois Holzman. 

Member of East Side Institute Associates, She is part of the international program "Developing across the borders" leaded by Barbara Friedman.

She play with symbols of Nature and of Tarots to turn the mundane in ritual and channaling meanings she facilitate private and corporate development processes . 

She is currently developing  a theatrical live performance about Mary Magdalene for  "Performing the world 2020" event in New York: "J.Junior and Madgy".

She dances Argentinian Tango, practice Iyengar Yoga and Shiatzu. 

Claudita lives in Greece, on the island of Skopelos.

I will forever rememberign sitting togheter in the see side, hiding from the stinking heat, when she made an acconcement... I laughter so hard! And also at that moment I saw your deep wisdom, your ability to see things in a way others can't, won't, don't. She see with so much clarity and support people." Nicola P. New Zeland

"I wrote a journal during our reteat and used the word "magical" to descibe Claudita. An other word that i used several time in realtion to her is "truth". That can be a tricky word when applied to dogma, orthodoxy, politics etc. but she is a seer of thuth and she share the truth, which is a powerful role. She is able to pull people towards the cosmos. Playing with her had a significant effect on me - one that is hope-giving, life-giving and encouraging" Jared F. Canada, 

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